RSE120-01-777 separator

Used RSE120-01-777 separator of GEA Westfalia for sale [99% NEW]

Used RSE120-01-777 separator, 99% new, GEA Westfalia, 2013, bowl speed 5400 rpm, motor 30Kw, self-cleaning bowl, for oils and fats degumming, neutralization...


The RSE120-01-777 separator is special designed for de-gumming, neutralization, washing, winterization, fractionation of vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Technical specifications

Designation: RSE120-01-777
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Manufacturing year: 2013
Max. bowl speed: 5400 rpm
Max. sediment density: 1.3 Kg/dm3
Primary motor: 30 Kw
Solids holding space: 15L

Water degumming: 360 t/d
Acid degumming: 360 t/d
Neutralization: 360 t/d
Washing: 360 t/d
Winterization: 150 t/d
Cold Refining: 150 t/d
Miscella Refining: 200 t/d

Working principle

The product is fed to and discharged from the bowl of RSE120-01-777 separator through a closed line system. The light and heavy liquid phases are discharged under pressure by means of centripetal pumps. In the case of edible oil refining the heavy liquid phase (soapstock or gums) are discharged under gravity through a special discharge pipe.
The latter pipe is provided with a special water connection.
Sight glasses are fitted in the feed and discharge lines to enable
the product to be observed.
Optimum separating efficiency can be attained by installing a regulating ring beneath the upper centripetal pump for the heavy liquid phase or by means of a regulating valve with pressure gauge in the discharge line. The discharge pressure is sufficient to pump both liquid phases to the heights required in a normal plant. The discharge pressure can be monitored by a pressure switch.

Used RSE120-01-777 separator of GEA Westfalia