OSD35-01-037 separator

Used OSD35-01-037 separator of GEA Westfalia for sale [99% new]

Used OSD35-01-037 separator, 99% new, GEA Westfalia, 2012, bowl speed 8200 rpm, motor 15Kw, sefl-cleaning bowl, for fuel oils and crude oils process.

Technical specifications

Designation: OSD35-01-037 separator
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Manufacturing year: 2012
Max. bowl speed: 8200 rpm
Max. sediment density: 1.4 Kg/dm3
Primary motor: 15 Kw
Solids holding space: 4L

Complete separation system
The OSD35-01-037 separator with self-cleaning bowl is delivered as ready-to-connect compact units. They are pre-assembled on a base frame together with the corresponding high-quality components. The new compact construction additionally results in significant savings in terms of weight and space. The system is equipped with instrumentation for automatic operation.



The product is fed by a feed pump through the strainer and via the feed valve to the centrifuge. The self-cleaning centrifuge equipped with a self-cleaning three phase bowl is used for the separation of liquid mixtures (e.g. oil and water) and solids in bypass. Within the rotating bowl, the product is separated from the impurities and fine particles. Both liquid phases (oil and water) are discharged under pressure by the centripetal pumps. The separated solids accumulated in the sludge space are discharged into the sludge tank at periodical intervals, automatically.
Therefore, a continuous treatment of the liquid with the aid of separators increases the lifetime of the product significantly and ensures a constant quality of the product.

OSD35-01-037 separator
OSD35-01-037 disc separator