Used MSE100-01-177 Milk Separator of GEA Westfalia

Used MSE100-01-177 Milk Separator of GEA Westfalia; Year: 2009; Bowl speed: 6600 rpm; Motor: 22 Kw; Milk skimming capacity:15,000 l/h; Whey skimming 15,000 l/h;

Technical parameters

Designation: MSE100-01-177 Milk Separator
Manufacturing year: 2009
Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Milk skimming capacity: 15,000 l/h
Whey skimming: 15,000 l/h
Milk standardizing: 20,000 l/h
Cream concentration 4500 l/h
Serum skimming: 10,000 l/h
Bowl speed: 6600 rpm
Motor: 22 Kw


This MSE100-01-177 Milk Separator has been designed for hotmilk or whey skimming, cream concentration or serum skimming. The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning-in-place. Opening and closing of the bowl for discharging the solids takes place hydraulically using water. All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel.

Working principle

The product is fed into the machine through a closed-line system. Double centripetal pumps likewise discharge the heavy and light phases in a closed system. The product feed and discharges in the bowl are hydrohermetically sealed and do not feature mechanical seals. The machine is driven by a frequency controlled 3-phase AC motor without clutch via a flat belt.

MSE100-01-177 Milk Separator
Used MSE100-01-177 Milk Separator
MSE100-01-177 Milk Separator nameplate