Used MSD90-01-076 Disc Separator of GEA Westfalia

Used MSD90-01-076 Disc Separator of GEA Westfalia; Milk and whey skimming 10,000L/h; Self-cleaning bowl; Manufacturing year: 1988;

Technical parameters

Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia
Type: MSD90-01-076 disc separator
Manufacturing year: 1988
Description: Self-cleaning disc centrifuge
Throughput: ~10,000 LPH
Bowl Speed: 5920/min
Motor Power: 18.5 kw

Application of MSD90-01-076 Disc Separator

separation, clarification and standardization of milk; separation of whey. separation of milk or whey into skim milk and cream which are discharged under pressure. sediment is ejected from the bowl at pre-determined intervals while the bowl is rotating at full speed.

Operating principles

The separator is equipped with a self-cleaning disc type bowl. A hydraulically movable sliding piston opens and closes the bowl of MSD90-01-076 Disc Separator.
The product enters the bowl through the “soft-stream inlet system”. This arrangement ensures gentle and turbulence-free product feed into the rising channels of the disc stack.
The milk or the whey flows through feed into the bowl and is separated in the disc stack into skim milk and cream. By means of centripetal pumps both components are discharged foam free and under pressure and conveyed to outlets.
The separated solids collect in the solids holding space from where they are ejected periodically through ejection ports.
Solids ejection is initiated by a control unit.
The product is fed into and discharged from the centrifuge by means of a closed system of pipes. The rated capacity is adjusted by means of a flow constrictor in the feed line. Skim milk and cream are discharged under pressure.
The pressure in the skim milk discharge line can be adjusted by means of a constant-pressure valve and read off on a pressure gauge. A regulating valve and a flowmeter in the cream discharge line serve to adjust the cream.

MSD90-01-076 Disc Separator