Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5SI

Used Krauss Maffei Peeler Centrifuge HZ125-2.5

Used Peeler Centrifuge HZ125-2.5; Krauss Maffei; Basket diameter: 1250 mm; Basket length: 630 mm; Maximum speed: 1220 rpm;
Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5SI

Peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5 SI , Krauss Maffei, is batch operated filtration centrifuges known for their reliable performance at high capacity. It is used in many processes, primarily in the bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, and food industries.
The horizontal rotor assembly is cantilever mounted and, depending on the application, can be provided with a conventional filtration basket or a specially designed rotary siphon basket. A fully opening housing door provides access to the basket and all process components for maintenance.
Adding variable speed drives and custom-tailored controls and instrumentation enables the Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge to be optimally adapted to a multitude of processing requirements for peak performance.

Main technical parameters of Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5 SI
Basket inside diameter: 1250 mm
Basket length: 630 mm
Filter area: 2.46 m^2
Maximum speed: 1220 rpm
G-force: 1030 g
Manufacturing year: 2000

Main applications of Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5 SI
– Bulk chemicals
Petrochemical intermediates, fertilizers, chlorides, sulfates, calcium
compounds, sodium compounds
– Fine chemicals
Aluminum fluoride, amino acids, bleaching agents, surfactants, herbicides, pesticides, catalysts, dyestuffs
– Pharmaceuticals/related
APIs, vitamins, salicylic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid, calcium citrate, antibiotics
– Plastics/related
ABS, resins, melamine, PE, PP, antioxidant agents
– Foodstuff/related
Native and modified starches, artificial sweeteners, vanillin, caffeine

Rotary siphon basket
Contrary to the conventional perforated basket, the rotary siphon basket has a solid cylindrical shell with filtrate bores arranged radially at the rear end of the basket, where they are connected to a siphon-shaped chamber. Once it has penetrated the filter cake and the filter medium, the filtrate is redirected through axial channels beneath filter medium support segments into the siphon chamber where a pivoting skimmer pipe extracts it from the centrifuge under positive pressure. The radial distance between the filter medium and the liquid level in the siphon chamber increases the driving force and thus the filtration rate.

peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5
Krauss Maffei peeler centrifuge HZ125-2.5