Used GEA Westfalia Nozzle Separator HFA65-01-477

Used GEA Westfalia Nozzle Separator HFA65-01-477 has been designed for yeast extract and other fermentation products, self-cleaning bowl with nozzles.

Application of HFA65-01-477

The HFA65-01-477 This separator has been designed for processing yeast extract and other fermentation products.

Working principle of HFA65-01-477

The product flows through the hydrohermetic feed into the bowl and is clarified in the disk stack. The clarified liquid is conveyed to the outlet foam-free and under pressure by the centripetal pump. The separated concentrate flows through channels to the special nozzles for viscosity-dependent concentration regulation. They permit a virtually constant biomass concentration also in the case of fluctuating feed volumes and concentrations.

Partial or total ejections can be performed for cleaning purposes by an hydraulically operated ejection system.

The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning-in-place. The feed and discharge are through a closed system.

Technical Data of HFA 65-01-177

Yeast extract capacity: 7000 – 10,000 l/h
Bowl speed: 7500 rpm
Bowl volume: 30 L
Motor: 55 Kw
Year: 2003

HFA65-01-477_nozzle separator