Used GEA Westfalia Disc Stack Centrifuge RSE200-01-576

Used GEA Westfalia Disc Stack Centrifuge RSE200-01-576; Year: 2006; Capacity:600T/d; Motor: 30Kw; Bowl speed: 4050 rpm; oils and fats refining;

Applications of Disc Separator RSE200-01-576

Continuous degumming, neutralizing, dewaxing, and washing of fatty oils, such as various vegetable oils, lard, tallow, and fish oil.
This separator RSE200-01-576 has been designed for use in the edible oil industry. The product is fed into the bowl through a closed-line system with hydro hermetic feed. The light liquid phase (clean oil) is discharged foam free under pressure by a centripetal pump. The heavy liquid phase (soapstock or gums) is discharged by another centripetal pump. The separated solids are collected in the solids holding space and are ejected at preset intervals through ports. Partial and total ejections are possible. The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning-in-place (CIP).

Technical specifications of centrifuge RSE200-01-576

Manufacturing year: 2006
Production capacity: 600 T/d
Bowl speed: 4050 rpm
Motor: 37 Kw
Feed temperature range: 0–100°C (32–212°F)

Operating principles of the Disc Separator RSE200-01-576

This disc separator RSE200-01-576 with double centripetal pump is used for the separation of mixtures composed of a liquid (oil) and pasty substances (soapstock or gums), with simultaneous removal of the solids contained in the mixture.
The solids accumulate in the sediment space G of the bowl from where they are ejected automatically, at pre-determined intervals, through ports in the bowl bottom. During partial de-sludging only part of the solid matter is ejected whereas during complete de-sludging the whole bowl contents is ejected abruptly.

Bowl speed and product feeding

The max. permissible bowl speed is an important parameter when rating the separator RSE200-01-576. it depends on the chemical and physical properties of the product such as
– temperature (it higher than 100°c or lower than 0°c),
– density of the fluid and solid components,
– aggressiveness of the product as regards corrosion and erosion (has influence on the selection of the bowl material).
The bowl speed is determined on the basis of these parameters allowing for an adequate safety margin.
Before using a product with properties different from those stated when placing the order, it is imperative to obtain the manufacturer’s approval.

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