flottweg Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge

Used Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge of Flottweg

Used Flottweg Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge; Max. bowl speed: 3200 rpm; Bowl diameter: 620 mm; Primary motor: 75 Kw; Manufacturing year: 2009;

Technical specifications of Flottweg Z6E-4/441 Tricanter

Max. bowl speed: 3200 rpm
Max. sediment density: 1.7 Kg/dm3
Bowl diameter: 620 mm
Differential speed: 1-52 rpm
Primary motor: 75 Kw
Secondary motor: 22 Kw
Manufacturing year: 2009

flottweg Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge

Working principle of Flottweg Z6E Tricanter centrifuge

The design and function of the Flottweg Z6E Tricanter is similar to that of a separating decanter (3-phase separation). Solids settle on the inner wall of the bowl when subjected to centrifugal force. The scroll constitutes the conveying tool. Under centrifugal force, solids settle on the inner wall of the bowl.

The decisive difference to the decanter lies in the separate expulsion of the two liquid phases: With the Tricanter Z6E, the heavy liquid is discharged under pressure via an adjustable impeller. The light liquid flows off without pressure. The Flottweg adjustable impeller, a standard feature, allows the interface between the two liquid phases to be optimally adjusted if changes in the density differential or in the quantity ratio of the two liquids occur. The impeller allows infinite adjustment of the pond depth during operation and thus fast, precise adaptation to changing feed conditions – without stopping operation.

Applications of Flottweg Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge

• Processing tar as well as sludges containing oil from refineries, oil ponds etc.
• Processing sea buckthorn berries
• Separating wheat starch and gluten during starch production
• Extracting animal/vegetable fats and oils
• Similar products

What is a Tricanter Centrifuge?

A tricanter centrifuge is a type of decanter centrifuge that can separate three phases: solids, light liquid and heavy liquid. A Tricanter centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids. It consists of a rotating bowl that spins at high speed, creating a strong gravitational field. The solids are pushed to the wall of the bowl, while the liquids form a layer inside the bowl. The solids are then discharged through a screw conveyor, while the liquids are drained through openings at the end of the bowl.

By using a tricanter centrifuge, you can achieve a high degree of separation of solids, liquids and oils in one single step. This can save you time, energy and money compared to using multiple machines or processes.

Features and Benefits of the Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge

The Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge is one of the most advanced and innovative tricanter centrifuges on the market. It offers several features and benefits that make it stand out from other machines, such as:
– High performance: The Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge can achieve a high throughput of up to 80 m3/h (depending on the material), a high g-force of up to 5000 g, and a high dry matter content of up to 40% (depending on the material). This means that you can process more material in less time, with less energy consumption and less waste generation.
– High flexibility: The Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge can handle a wide range of materials with different characteristics, such as viscosity, density, particle size and solid content. You can also adjust various parameters, such as bowl speed, differential speed, pond depth and skimming rate, to optimize the separation performance for different applications. You can also choose from different configurations and options, such as hardfacing, wear protection, discharge systems and control systems, to suit your specific needs.
– High reliability: The Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge is designed and built with quality materials and components that ensure durability and longevity. It also features a robust and stable design that minimizes vibration and noise. It also has a self-cleaning function that prevents clogging and fouling of the bowl and disk stack. Furthermore, it has a safety system that protects the machine from overload, overtemperature, overspeed and other malfunctions.
– High efficiency: The Z6E-4/441 Tricanter Centrifuge uses a patented Simp Drive system that automatically adjusts the differential speed between the bowl and the screw conveyor according to the load condition. This ensures optimal torque transmission and power consumption at all times. It also reduces wear and tear on the machine components.

Z6E-4/441 Tricanter