Z6E-2-451 Decanter Centrifuge

Used Flottweg Z6E-2/451 Decanter Centrifuge

Used Flottweg Z6E-2/451 Decanter Centrifuge; Year: 2009; Bowl inner diameter: 620 mm; Max. bowl speed: 3200 rpm; Primary motor: 132 Kw;
Z6E-2-451 Decanter Centrifuge

Z6E-2/451 Decanter Centrifuge Technical specifications

Bowl inner diameter: 620 mm
Max. bowl speed: 3200 rpm
Max. sediment density: 1.7 Kg/dm3
Primary motor: 132 Kw
Manufacturing year: 2009


Z6E-2/451 Decanter Centrifuge is used in technical processes for the mechanical separation of mixtures of solids and liquids. Sedimentation, centrifugation, and filtration are mechanical separation processes, in contrast to distillation, incineration and thermal drying, which are thermal separation processes. In many processes, mechanical separation is primarily responsible for product quality, production efficiency and environmental control. Mechanical separation processes are found in practically all industrial sectors, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, mineral, and environmental.


Z6E-2/451 Decanter Centrifuge have many advantages in comparison to other separation processes such as filtration and sedimentation.
Compact designs, sealed construction to control odor emissions and avoid contamination of the product, ease of operation with continuous or automatic control systems, and limited replaceable operating parts such as filter media or filter aids make centrifuges advantageous to use.

Used Flottweg Z6E-22451 Decanter Centrifuge
Z6E-2-451 Decanter Centrifuge nameplate