Pusher Centrifuge P-80

Used Ferrum Pusher Centrifuge P-80

Ferrum Pusher Centrifuge P-80; Manufacturing year: 2007; Basket diameter: 800 mm; Max. rotor speed: 1500 rpm; used pusher centrifuge;

Pusher Centrifuge P-80 technical specifications
Type: P-80/3
Manufacturing year: 2007
Basket diameter: 800 mm
Max. rotor speed: 1500 rpm

Pusher centrifuge P-80/3 is continuously operating filter centrifuge and has three basket stages, and have one product discharge area. Periodic rinsing of the process area is achieved by means of integrated rinsing nozzles and pipes.

A pusher centrifuge is a type of filtration technique that offers continuous operation to de-water and wash materials such as relatively in-compressible feed solids, free-draining crystalline, polymers and fibrous substances. It consists of a constant speed rotor and is fixed to one of several baskets. This assembly is applied with centrifugal force that is generated mechanically for smaller units and hydraulically for larger units to enable separation.

Pusher centrifuges can be used for a variety of applications. They were typically used in inorganic industries and later, extensively in chemical industries such as organic intermediates, plastics, food processing and rocket fuels.

Pusher Centrifuge P-80

Typical applications of Pusher Centrifuge P-80
+ Adipic acid
+ Chlorates and perchlorates
+ Nitrocellulose and other fibrous products
+ Lithium salts
+ Calcium tartrate
+ Sodium cyanide
+ Ammonium sulphate
+ Sodium sulphate

Other applications:
– Sodium chloride
– Potassium chloride
– Ammonium chloride
– Lithium chloride
– Copper sulphate pentahydrate
– Iron sulphate heptahydrate
– Magnesium sulphate monohydrate
– Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate
– Nickel sulphate dihydrate
– Nickel sulphate hexahydrate
– Zinc sulphate
– Zinc sulphate monohydrate
– Zinc sulphate heptahydrate
– Potassium sulphate
– Lithium sulphate
– Sodium sulphate anhydride
– Sodium sulphate decahydrate
– Ammonium sulphate

– Sodium chlorate
– Potassium chlorate
– Sodium nitrate
– Potassium nitrate
– Lysine
– Urea, diff. Processes
Intermediate Products
– Sodium bicarbonate crude
– Sodium carbonate monohydrate
Fibrous Products
– Nitrocellulose
– Chips / Fibers

– Calcium tartrate
– Lithium hydroxide anhydrous
– Lithium hydroxide monohydrate
– Boric acid
– Tartaric acid
Fine Chemicals
– Sodium bicarbonate refined
– Sodium cyanide
– Sodium chloride
– Dextrose, Fructose
– Rock phosphate
– Rock salt (NaCl)
– Potassium chloride from Crystallization or Flotation
Basic Products
– Adipic acid
– Bisphenol A
– Caprolactam
– Paraxylene
– Polyethylene
– PP

used pusher centrifuge p-80
Pusher P-80