Used Disc Clarifier SC35-06-177 of GEA Westfalia

Used Disc Clarifier SC35-06-177 of GEA Westfalia; Manufacturing year: 2002; Capacity: 4000 - 6000 L/h; Bowl speed: 7270 rpm; Bowl volume: 18 L; Motor: 18.5 Kw;

Technical specifications

Designation: SC35-06-177
Manufacturing year: 2002
Capacity: 4000 – 6000 L/h
Bowl speed: 7270 rpm
Bowl volume: 18 L
Motor: 18.5 Kw

What is a Disc Clarifier SC35-06-177?

A Disc Clarifier SC35-06-177 is a type of disc stack centrifuge that is designed to separate solids from liquids in a continuous process. It can handle a wide range of feed materials, such as beverage, beer, wine, juice, oil, and so on. It can achieve a high degree of clarification and a low solids content in the clarified liquid.

The Disc Clarifier SC35-06-177 has a self-cleaning system that allows for easy and fast discharge of the separated solids. It also has a vibration monitor and a temperature sensor to ensure safe and optimal operation.

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