Used Alfa Laval MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge

Used Alfa Laval MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge for sale

Used Alfa Laval MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge; Bowl speed: 7432 rpm; Motor: 37 kw; El. Current frequency: 50Hz; for recovery of microorganisms and cell debris;


The MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge of Alfa Laval is designed specially for separation of minute microorganism and cell debris from such organisms in processes where sterilization or containment is not required.
The centrifuge is mainly used to separate and concentrate microorganisms or cell debris with normal particle size in the range 0.1 – 3 mm. The content of suspended solids in the feed varies but is normally in the range 0.5 – 4% DS. In cell debris type of duties normally a significant amount of solids are dissolved in the process liquid.

Technical specification

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Designation: MBUX510T-34C
Bowl speed: 7432 rpm
Motor: 37 kw
El. Current frequency: 50Hz
Max. density of feed: 1200 Kg/m3
Process temperature: 0 – 100 °C

Working principle

The feed containing the liquid and the solids is introduced to the rotating MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge bowl from the top via a stationary inlet pipe, and is accelerated in a distributor before entering the disc stack. It is between the discs that the separation takes place. The liquid phase moves through the disc stack towards the centre of the bowl, from where it is pumped out under pressure by means of a built-in paring disc. The heavy solids phase is moved outwards by centrifugal force to the solids pockets at the bowl periphery and from there through concentrate tubes and internal vortex nozzles into the paring tube chamber, where the concentrate is skimmed off by the paring tube and discharged under pressure. The MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge bowl can be opened intermittently during production and/or the cleaning cycle for ejections of solids while the machine continues to run at full speed. The pneumatically controlled valve slide under the bowl bottom opens the discharge valves momentarily, permitting the ejections of solids.

MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge
Used MBUX510T-34C Nozzle Centrifuge