Used disc centrifuge OSD6-91-067

OSD6-91-067; used disc centrifuge; Manufacturing year: 2007; Bowl volume: 1.5 L; Bowl speed: 12000 rpm; Motor: 4 Kw; Weight: 200Kg;

OSD6-91-067 disc separator has been designed for the clarification and purification of mineral oils (e.g. lube oil, hydraulic oil). The self-cleaning centrifugal separator easily removes water and impurities keeping the oil continuously clean.
Key benefits: longer equipment and oil service life, less operating costs, enhanced performance.

Technical parameters
Manufacturing year: 2007
Bowl volume: 1.5 L
Bowl speed: 12000 rpm
Motor: 4 Kw
Weight: 200Kg

Separator OSD6-91-067 is equipped with a self-cleaning disc-type bowl. It is employed for clarification and purification in fuel oil (fuel oil up to a density of 0.991 g / ml) and lube oil treatment plants.
The product is fed in through a system of closed lines. The heavy liquid phase is pressure discharged by means of a centripetal pump. The clean oil is also discharged by means of a centripetal pump. The centrifuges operate with regulating rings for the heavy phase.

Operating principles and constructional features
1 Product feed
2 Discharge light liquid phase
3 Discharge heavy liquid phase
4 Sludge discharge
5 Displacement water
6 Operating water feed
7 Operating water discharge
8 Double centripetal pump
9 Solids holding space


Disc separator OSD6-91-067 enables controlled bowl ejections to be carried out at full operating speed.
The OSD6-91-067 separator has a self-cleaning bowl, optionally equipped for the clarification of liquids or the separation of liquid mixtures with simultaneous solids removal. The product (1) is fed in through a system of closed lines. The separated light (2) and heavy liquid phase (3) are pressure discharged via centripetal pump (8). The centrifuge operates with regulating rings for the heavy phase.

Gas turbines and diesel engines in modern power plants can only work reliably when fuels are fed continuously which conform to the quality specifications of the manufacturers, e. g. viscosity. The fuels available worldwide today differ significantly in terms of quality. They range from low-viscosity crude oils in Saudi Arabia through heavy fuels in Siberia right up to very heavy fuels from South America which exceed the previously standard 380 cSt by more than 300 percent. To handle these different requirements, OSD6-91-06 is designed for this purpose.

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